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“Hello pastors, this is Chuck Martin pastor of Glory Bell church in downtown Waco. I would like to personally invite you and your congregations to join us this Saturday, October 15th at 7 PM for a night of urgent prayer, intercession and worship.

Now more than ever before this broken and divided world needs a united church. What an opportunity we have to push back darkness and be a city set on a hill ..."

Last month, Church of the Open Door launched our FaithVotes Christian Citizenship Ministry. John and Jessica lead this tremendously beneficial thrust to register believers to engage in our Christian stewardship responsibility to vote, and to vote according to Biblical values!

This is the testimony of (a lady from Church of the Open Door's) experience with the angry pro-abortion man, at the Waco City Council Meeting …

Now that Baylor University has launched its first official support and resource group for LGBTQ students, a long-running unofficial LGBTQ student group plans to continue advocate for change in ways the official group cannot under university guidelines ...

McLennan County Justice of the Peace Dianne Hensley said she will appeal a judge’s decision to throw out her lawsuit against the state panel that sanctioned her in 2019 for refusing to perform same-sex weddings. Hensley was seeking at least $10,000 in her lawsuit against the State Commission on Judicial Conduct ...

Pastor Ronnie Holmes of Church of the Open Door in Waco and longtime member of the Texas Pastor Council Executive Council, convened a gathering of key Waco pastors on Tuesday, June 1 toward the official launch of a Waco Area Pastor Council. TXPC President Dave Welch met with the group that included Senior Pastors Ramiro Pena, Mario Sandoval, David Arnett, C.J. Oliver, Charles Bledsoe and Pastor Holmes ...

The classroom full of teachers at Midway Middle School knew they were part of a drill, playing a role. But in the light of recent news reports, the scene seemed all too real once the screaming started.

“Guys, gun! There’s a gun! There’s a gun! Please help,” yelled Tori Wardlaw, a Midway High School freshman theater student, as she ran into the classroom.

The sound of AR-15 gunshots and screaming echoed in the hallway directly outside the classroom ...

There will be nine awards totaling $7,500! Six scholarships awarded at $1000 each and three stipends awarded at $500 each.

The Holocaust Remembrance Scholarships, are created in honor of Holocaust survivors, Leizer and Rose Horowitz. Educating and empowering students to become ambassadors of breaking the veil of silence surrounding the issues of the Holocaust is a key goal. The world needs future leaders to actively do their part to stop current prejudices and prevent future atrocities.
The March of Remembrance is a part of the Global March of Life, where memorial walks are taken annually throughout the world on Holocaust Remembrance Day. The 2018 Houston area event will occur on Sunday, April 15th, near Rice University. Details including location and times TBD. Check March event page.

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