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‘I’m thankful nobody was here’: Bellmead pastor shares footage of car crashing through front door

A church in Bellmead is now a partial construction zone after a driver crashed through the front of its building early Sunday morning.

The crash happened just hours before church, so the pastor is grateful that no one was inside.

Church of the Open Door is the name of the church, but this has given it a whole new meaning.

A member of the congregation was the first to arrive and see the damage, they immediately called pastor Ronnie Holmes who arrived at the jaw-dropping scene just minutes later.

“Wow, what a mess. Wow, I’m thankful nobody was here,” Holmes says.

Another viral video that circulated the internet showed the perspective of the crash from the parking lot. That video has since been removed because it was taken by an employee of a nearby business, and a manager told KWTX that posting the video was a violation of company policy.

That video did show the car driving erratically through the parking lot before crashing into the church, Pastor Holmes says ...