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Pastor Resources

Citizenship Ministry

One of the most common reasons pastors do not preach, teach or lead their churches on current issues, voting and promoting godly governing is the complete lack of any part of this being taught in seminary, bible college, denominational support and other influences such as the modern church culture itself.  The resources below are two "flagship" materials we provide to pastors that unequivocally, biblically  illustrate that this is a tragic disconnect from scripture and two thousands years of Christian church history.  We offer these to pastors, churches and ministries at no cost so strongly urge pastors to take the steps and consider restoring godly citizenship as an effective ministry of your pulpit and your church!

Biblically, It is Ministry, Not Politics!

“The Reformation with its emphasis upon the Bible, in all that it teaches, as being the revelation of God, provided a freedom in society and yet a form in society as well.  Thus, there were freedoms in Reformation countries (such as the world had never known before) without those freedoms leading to chaos—because both laws and morals were surrounded by a consensus resting upon what the Bible taught.” (emphasis added)

Dr. Francis Schaeffer, “The Great Evangelical Disaster”