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Baylor rolls out new LGBTQ support group, but unofficial group continues advocacy

Now that Baylor University has launched its first official support and resource group for LGBTQ students, a long-running unofficial LGBTQ student group plans to continue advocate for change in ways the official group cannot under university guidelines.

The university created the new group, Prism, after holding multiple listening sessions with students over the last semester. According to Prism’s constitution, its purpose is to foster a safe environment for LGBTQ students, give them a voice, and connect them with support and resources.

Prism Co-president Lor Duncan, a senior studying social work, said they attended those listening sessions held by the university’s student activities department, during which LGBTQ students spoke about their experiences and needs as Baylor students.

“I feel like the administration got a better idea of the queer experience on campus and I feel like the students were able to get a better idea of the administration’s intentions,” Duncan said.

Duncan said the new student group will also help educate students, faculty and staff on LGBTQ issues and experiences. The group will also serve as a confidential, safe place for students who ...