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Faith Votes

Texas 2023 Election Resources

Use this link to both verify a voter registration that is accurate and current or to register as a new voter. IMPORTANT: You should have your Texas Drivers License number available or you can check by name, county and date of birth.

Church Voter Mobilization – Texas 2023

Pastors and Elders:

Please download and use these resources as you believe helpful and appropriate in maximizing your churches' informed voter turnout.  Please contact us with requests for any additional information or resources and don't hesitate...that is why we are here!


The basic Texas Church Voter Mobilization Kit includes these Power Pastor Videos and much more:

Dr. Tony Evans (Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dallas)

Dr. Jack Graham (Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano)

Dr. Robert Jeffress (First Baptist Church, Dallas)

Dr. Steve Riggle (Grace Church, The Woodlands)

Dr. Ed Young (Second Baptist Church, Houston)

More videos coming!!

Example of 30 Second Biblical Voting Radio Spot - Romans 8

Additional Resources for Church Citizenship Ministries

Dr. Steve Riggle, Senior Pastor of Grace Church, The Woodlands, President of Grace International and a founding pastor of U.S. Pastor Council, speaking to a citywide pastor breakfast in Houston - "Pastors, your people are "The King" (in our government) and you need to be the prophetic voice to "The King"!

Dr. Ed Young, Senior Pastor of Second Baptist Church in Houston, author and host of "The Winning Walk" nationally syndicated radio and TV programs speaking to a citywide pastor breakfast in Houston - "Vote the sanctity of all innocent human life (from conception until natural death); that is THE issue!"


Every christian votes in every election - by absence or action!

Additional Church Citizenship and Voting Resources: