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Texas 2024 Church Election Resources

2024 Texas Primary Election Key Information

Texas has an Election on March 5, 2024 – All Voters on Duty!

The first step we recommend is for the Pastor to appoint a permanent Citizenship Ministry director for this ministry as described in Christian Citizenship 101 (available at, request by emailing or by calling the HAPC office at 832-688-9166).

“This Church Votes” Plan* - 2024 Texas Primary Election

Note:  All activities are non-partisan, non-issues specific and fully compliant with all IRS guidelines for churches with 501 (c)(3) non-profit status*.  For any questions regarding those guidelines you can contact TXPC at  or call 832-688-9166.

Sunday, January 21 through Sunday, February 4 - set up a VOTER REGISTRATION and INFORMATION table to be staffed by the FaithVotes Citizenship Ministry team to register all voters who are not current, have moved or have never registered; Deputy Voter Registrar’s available.  Deadline to submit new voter registrations is Monday, February 5.

Sunday, February 11 through Sunday, February 25 Announce from pulpit and through all church communications the availability and convenience of Early Voting that begins February 20 and ends March 1.  Voters in Texas will have important county, legislative and Congressional contests to vote on, so ALL voters should participate!

Sunday, March 3 Use Pulpit Announcements, Screens, Bulletins, etc. combined with video or sermon reference by the Senior Pastor urging ALL eligible voters to cast a prayerful, informed vote in the Primary Election AND attend their precinct convention.

Monday, March 4 and Tuesday, March 5 - Send a message via broadcast e-mail and/or text broadcast as well as on social media to church list with a special Get-Out-The-Vote message by the Senior Pastor and links to non-partisan voter education information. (Sample Text-based and HTML format messages available)

Monday, March 4 and Tuesday, March 5 - Initiate automated phone calls with a Get-Out-The-Vote script recorded by the Senior Pastor, calling through the entire church list on Election Day.  (Sample script and automated calling support available)

2024 Key Texas Election Dates

Friday, February 23 – Last day to apply for ballot by mail

  • Received by county election office, Not postmarked

Tuesday, February 20 – First day of early voting

  • All voters can vote at ANY polling place within their county 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 12 noon – 7 p.m. on Sunday!
  • Very important to vote for EVERY position on the ballot!

Friday, March 1 – Last day of early voting

Tuesday, March 5 – Primary Election

  • Voters must vote in their own precinct 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Tuesday, March 5 – Party Precinct Conventions (Except Harris County)

  • Takes place immediately after polls close
  • Help shape the political party platforms by attending, becoming a delegate to the Senate District or County Convention!
  • The platform is where the core values of each political party are expressed and formally declared – YOU DECIDE!

Tuesday, May 8 – Primary Runoff Election

“Bad politicians are elected by Christians who don’t vote.” – Rev. Billy Graham

The Texas Voting Two Step: The Power of the Precinct Convention

Why a Political Party’s Platform is to Them What the Bible is to the Church

In addition to casting a prayerful, informed vote for the Primary Election, a second and critical opportunity for citizens to have a profound influence is to attend the precinct (neighborhood) convention that will normally be held the evening of the Primary Election. A small percentage of voters have a major impact on the two major action items:  1) writing the party platform principles and 2) choosing state and national party leadership who will be responsible for enlisting and supporting candidates based on those principles.

Premise to Consider:  A political party’s platform is to the party what the Bible is to the Church – it declares core principles that provide an anchor to the collective actions, and is the baseline by which the voters of that party may hold the


What is a Precinct Convention?

The Precinct Convention is the neighborhood level gathering of those who a) are registered to vote in that specific precinct and b) voted in their political party’s Primary Election.  It is a basic “democratic” process that is chaired by the elected Precinct Chairman for that party or a person appointed by the County Chair.  It is the very first step in the process of what culminates in the National Convention every four years, the State Convention every two years.

What is the purpose of the Precinct Convention?

The most important action of the Precinct Convention (PC) will be to elect a number of delegates (varies by precinct based on an electoral formula) to represent the precinct (neighborhood) to the Senate District (SD) Convention.  The second item is that PC attendees may submit resolutions (statements of principle on a vital issue) to be adopted by that PC and sent on to the SD Convention’s Resolution Committee to compile/combine and present to the full convention.

Why is it important for church voters to attend their Precinct Convention?

Everything that happens all the way to the national party conventions is highly impacted if not controlled by who shows up at the precinct level for reasons outlined above.  Precinct directs outcome of the Senate District, which directs who attend and what comes out of the state convention with final stop at the national convention nominating the President, Vice-President and adopting the national platform for the next four years.

Find Your Area's Non-Partisan Voter Guide by iVoter!

Pastors and Elders:

Please download and use these resources as you believe helpful and appropriate in maximizing your churches' informed voter turnout.  Please contact us with requests for any additional information or resources and don't hesitate...that is why we are here!


The basic Texas Church Voter Mobilization Kit includes these Power Pastor Videos and much more (NOTE: These videos are from the 2022 election yet are powerful resources!)

Dr. Tony Evans (Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dallas)

Dr. Jack Graham (Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano)

Dr. Robert Jeffress (First Baptist Church, Dallas)

Dr. Steve Riggle (Grace Church, The Woodlands)

Dr. Ed Young (Second Baptist Church, Houston)

More videos coming!!

Example of 30 Second Biblical Voting Radio Spot - Romans 8

Additional Resources for Church Citizenship Ministries

Use this link to both verify a voter registration that is accurate and current or to register as a new voter. IMPORTANT: You should have your Texas Drivers License number available or you can check by name, county and date of birth.


Every christian votes in every election - by absence or action!

Additional Church Citizenship and Voting Resources: