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LGBTQ+ agenda happening in Waco!

Hello pastors,

I wanted to Forward this message to you, from one of our Waco Area Pastor Council pastors, Chuck Martin. 

Then, I will also include some additional context for those who may not yet be aware. 


“Hello pastors, this is Chuck Martin pastor of Glory Bell church in downtown Waco. I would like to personally invite you and your congregations to join us this Saturday, October 15th at 7 PM for a night of urgent prayer, intercession and worship.

Now more than ever before this broken and divided world needs a united church. What an opportunity we have to push back darkness and be a city set on a hill. Far too long the Goliath of our day has been taunting the church of the Living God with a false view of love and acceptance. Now is the time to stand for truth in love.

The format of this evening will be songs that lift up & declare Jesus over our city,  specific prayer points for our city leaders, the children/next generation, and spiritual warfare against principalities and powers of darkness.  We will close the evening with a prayer walk downtown.

If you'd like to be a part let us know or share this with pastors in your network. If you have questions, please text or email me at

Chuck Martin


Now for the backstory. 

Glory Bell is the church that occupies the largest space on the first floor of this venue where the (open to “all ages”) drag show is happening. 

Some of us from Open Door will be on the sidewalk, focused on outreach, seeking one on one witnessing opportunities. We will not be there in protest mode, or anger mode, but in seeking to engage those attending this horrendous event, with the gospel truth, in love. 

Please understand that this crowd is often hostile, angry, defiant and reactionary. (In other words,there are some folk from Open Door that absolutely do not need to be on the sidewalk). But inside Glory Bell Church is a good place to pray and worship!

Just a reminder-we cannot come to the world in the spirit of the world and win. So,we are to come in the power of the Holy Spirit!

On the [attached] poster, please note that Waco Mayor ProTem, Kelly Palmer is listed here. 

The following link is a brief overview of the Out on the Brazos PRIDE event that took place this past Saturday…

If I can help answer any questions, or if you have other ideas or concerns, feel free to call. 


Ronnie Holmes