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From Well Versed to Re-versed - Profound Pulpit Resource on Issues!

The first step of the AMERICA Plan of the U.S. Pastor Council is "Articulate" biblical principals from the pulpit on critical issues of our day and in 2016 USPC joyously purchased and distributed hundreds of copies of Dr. Jim Garlow's "Well Versed: Biblical Answers to Today's Tough Issues", a profound apologetic resource for pastors to study and use in teaching.  Now, eight years and an ever more desperately confused nation later...

Dr. Garlow has just published "ReVersed: From Culturally Woke to Biblically Awake", an updated and greatly expanded sequel that is something that every pastor, church leader, elected official, civic activist and others should have on your shelf!

He describes his purpose of the book, " goal is to offer a practical, biblical guide for the twenty-first centruy Chrsitian that informs and prepares them to tackle the important issues of the day and engage with those around them in a loving, scripturally based manner..."  The sixty chapters include:

  • The Presuppositions
  • The Insanity of Being Culturally Woke
  • "Don't Mess With Our Kids"
  • Social Justice vs. Biblical Justice
  • Christian Nationalism or Biblical Citizenship?
  • ...and MUCH more!

For the months of June and July of 2024, U.S. Pastor Council is offering a complimentary copy to every senior pastor of a local church who requests one ( just email us or call our office at 832-688-9166 and we will validate your information).  We are also offering a copy as a thank you gift for all contributions of $50 and above for June and July.