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YouTube shuts down church services?

In March of this year, when Covid forced most churches online exclusively, many were stuck trying to find a quick and safe option to live stream. Thousands of churches opted for YouTube and were perplexed when untold numbers of church streams were partially delayed or completely suspended with just a simple pronouncement replacing the pastor’s sermon: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.”

Most of these streams were accidentally removed as YouTube’s a-i Bots were simply overwhelmed by the sudden increase in live streaming content and couldn’t properly determine allowed uses of copyrighted music. Though many channels were restored later, the loss of church services, especially over the Easter weekend, was irreversible.

So...Where is your church streaming your content?

Facebook and YouTube inevitably create distractions for your members with advertisements, pop-ups, and suggested videos that have nothing to do with Christ or your church.

Restreaming live services to Facebook and YouTube is a great way to reach beyond your church family, but requiring your church members to leave your church website to hear and see your weekend services in a secular online setting can be counterproductive.

As the power structures of business and government continue to change, our freedom to speak the Truth boldly in any venue, even online, will be limited (and already has been in many ways).

We suggest that your church needs to begin PRIMARILY pointing your congregation to gather on your own church website stream.

Create a safe place of worship online through your own church website.

Check out the multitude of free features at, including free branded media players for every ministry in your church that wants to share videos.

For smaller churches, if your site hasn’t been updated in a while or you find it difficult to keep up with, point your domain to your included Media Studio as a front page with unlimited video playlists of past teachings or other videos you have access to. We even make all 100+ videos of EyewitnessBibleSeries available with a free live stream license included in most plans.

Take a Risk free 14 day test drive of the platform for your church today!