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Texas Mother Outraged: A Known Child Trafficker Walks Free: She Blames Dallas DA

In January, politicians highlight Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Meanwhile, an outraged Texas mother is fighting tooth, nail, and claw to raise awareness about the state's justice system's failure to help victims, like her daughter.

In April 2022, according to Texas Scorecard, the woman's daughter made headlines when she was sexually assaulted and forced into prostitution after going missing from a Dallas Mavericks game. Though she's now safe, her parents are frustrated that the suspect linked to the trafficking was not prosecuted by elected Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot.

“As a mom and as a woman, this is a hill I’m willing to die on,” the victim’s mother told Texas Scorecard.

In the aftermath of her daughter's traumatic experience, the mother described the following months as an unpredictable journey. In other words, her life has bounced up and down. She holds Dallas police and the DA office of Creuzot, as well as perceived deficiencies within ...