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Texas Christian U offers 'Queer Art of Drag' course teaching 'gender binary' is white supremacy

Texas Christian University is offering a course on creating a drag persona in which the culmination of the class is a performance in the university's annual drag show.

Texas Christian University will offer "The Queer Art of Drag" course during the 2023-'24 school year through its Women and Gender Studies Department. The syllabus listing the weekly assignments and student expectations states that students will create their personas through a "drag vision board," engage in self-reflection and assemble a collage of images to gain inspiration.

Students must also read commentaries such as "The Gender Binary Is a Tool of White Supremacy" by Kravitz Marshall. 

Nino Testa, the course instructor, has a drag persona of his own named Maria von Clapp. According to the school's website, the professor's focus areas include queer theory and activism, as well as "LGBTQ history and culture."

Those who take the course will also write a "drag bibliography," finding eight to 10 articles "about the people, performers, aesthetics, movements, politics, ideas, or communities." Students enrolled in the class will also create ...