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Texas Police Department Rejects Gift From Conservative Christian Company, Patriot Mobile

A Texas police department rejected a pizza party donated by Patriot Mobile after receiving public backlash on social media for accepting a gift from the conservative Christian company.

Patriot Mobile on Tuesday requested that the Grapevine Police Department donate the $1,500 gift to another department in North Texas.

“If Grapevine continues to reject the donation, Patriot Mobile asks that it be given to another police department in North Texas,” the company said on Tuesday in a news release.

On Thursday, Patriot Mobile delivered a Cane Rosso restaurant gift card to Grapevine Police Department (GPD) as a gesture of gratitude for their service to the community.

“The Patriot Mobile team was blessed to visit the Grapevine Police Department to give them a pizza party gift card to Cane Rosso! It was wonderful to meet our local police officers. We’re so grateful for the work our law enforcement does every day to keep us safe in our community,” Patriot Mobile wrote on social media.

“At Patriot Mobile, we will always support our law enforcement!” it continued, adding ...