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The Left’s crusade against religious schools heats up

A theme of the next few years will be the persecution of Catholic schools, Jewish schools, and all other religious schools that blend even a trace of traditional morality with their faith.

Democratic legislators, the legacy media, left-wing non-profits, and liberal prosecutors will attack, sue, defund, and ultimately try to quash all conservative religious schools that do not adopt their version of morality.

The latest aggression by the anti-religion warriors is in New York, and the Archbishop of New York is sounding the siren.

New York lawmakers recently proposed an “anti-discrimination” bill, the Nonpublic Dignity for All Students Act. The bill would force private schools to embrace gender ideology — the new belief system positing that a boy becomes a girl by identifying as one and vice-versa.

It underlies all Catholic teaching that men are men and women are women — that the two sexes are complementary, totally equal, and crucially different. Legislation to force gender ideology on all schools is legislation to ban the ...