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Houston doctor indicted on allegations he illegally obtained pediatric patient records at Texas Children's Hospital

A Houston doctor has been indicted for obtaining the records of pediatric patients at Texas Children's Hospital who were not under his care and without authorization, according to U.S. Attorney Alamdar S. Hamdani.

The indictment alleges Ethan Haim, 34, illegally accessed patient names, treatment codes and attending physicians "under false pretenses and with intent to cause malicious harm to TCH."

Haim was a resident at Baylor College of Medicine and had previous rotations at TCH as part of his residency, according to the indictment.  In April 2023, Haim allegedly requested to re-activate his login access at TCH to access the personal information of pediatric patients not under his care.

Haim claims he "blew the whistle on Texas Children's secret sex-change program" and the feds are trying to "intimidate him into silence."

"Institutions corrupted with rot and malfeasance will do anything to purge those who have themselves not been corrupted," Haim posted on ...