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New York Has Given Slave Courts Rebirth With Ironic Twist

[image: Slave Court Circa 1741 (]

My grandfather was born in 1869, four years after the Civil War.  His father was a Confederate infantryman for four years.  Virginia used to have courts like the one Trump is in in New York, southern confederate slave courts, no normal due process, arbitrary rules of procedure, and predetermined outcomes.
The democrats have not changed their playbook.  But the irony is that a black man, Alvin Bragg, is using a slave court procedure to get a white man.  We all lose because of this.  

General Grant is turning in his grave.

If anyone should detest slave court arbitrary predetermined outcomes with no due process it should be a black man in America. But Alvin Bragg may as well be flying the stars and bars and wearing a Johnny Reb outfit. That is how perverse  this whole process has been. It is like spitting on the graves of the tens of thousands whose blood bought our freedoms and paths of justice.

Remember that it was slaveholders in southern slave states that invented lawfare as a tool to keep Americans of African descent held down with unequal treatment, in a  two-tiered justice system, insuring their subservience and fear, a charade pretending to be justice while guaranteeing that the powerful remained in control.