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DISD Seeks LGBTQ Clinic’s Advice on ‘Gender Support’

Dallas ISD sought the advice of an LGBTQ-centered clinic on how to better enable “youth transitioning,” according to internal communications obtained in an open records request by The Dallas Express.

Email communications provided to DX revealed a discussion about supporting students who identify as transgender between Mahoganie Gaston, Dallas ISD’s coordinator of support services for LGBTQ youth, and Leslie McMurray, the transgender education and advocacy associate for Resource Center.

Resource Center is a DFW-based clinic providing services specifically to members of the LGBTQ community that offers transgender hormone administration and reference letters for cross-gender surgeries.

McMurray, who identifies as a transgender woman, began the 2020 email exchange with a message about a teacher at Dallas ISD’s E.D. Walker Middle School who had asked if Resource Center could help out with the school’s Genders & Sexualities Alliance (GSA) club.

Gaston thanked McMurray for passing the information along, to which McMurray replied ...