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This school choice ‘evangelist’ is leading a revolution that's changing American education

Ididn’t think it was possible for anyone to be more despised by the teachers unions than Betsy DeVos, the former Education secretary and billionaire Republican donor who has devoted decades to promoting school choice.

Yet, it seems Corey DeAngelis has taken on that mantle. And he’s loving it. 

DeAngelis bears the label “school choice evangelist” with pride, and in the past few years he has quickly risen as one of the most prominent voices in the education freedom realm. In many ways, he’s become the face of the sharp rise in private school choice that’s spread across the country since 2020.

The senior fellow at the American Federation for Children and visiting fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution has written a book documenting this trend. “The Parent Revolution: Rescuing Your Kids from the Radicals Ruining Our Schools” hit the bookshelves this week. 
The dedication sets the tone for DeAngelis’ book:

"To Randi Weingarten and the teachers unions. You’re doing more to advance freedom in education than anyone could have ever imagined. Thank you for overplaying your hand, showing your true colors, and sparking the Parent Revolution. America is beyond grateful."

Sarcastic? Sure.

It’s also true ...