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Thierry draws faith leader support in heated HD-146 Democratic run-off

Four-term State Representative Shawn Thierry is ferociously fighting to keep her job - a battle for political survival triggered by a single vote of conscience on the floor of the Texas House.

"I absolutely believe we should raise the age to 18 for children to receive GNRH analogues, cross-sex hormones and to undergo potentially irreversible body altering surgeries," said Thierry in May of 2023 before joining Republicans in passing the legislation.

The principled position has drawn intense condemnation from many in her own Democratic Party who have fully backed Thierry's run-off opponent and bombarded the incumbent with harassment and much worse.

"I began receiving death threats, attacks every single day. False Attacks against my character. Coming by my home. Destroying my signs, you've seen them, slashing my face on my pictures. Those that are in favor of this child mutilation were told to call me and tell me repeatedly and tell me they hoped my daughter, who is 11-years-old, wakes up an orphan," said Thierry ...