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Many Young Americans Confirm Bible 'Transformed My Life'

In a world marred by hatred and disunity, many young Americans are turning to the Bible to seek peace.

According to Premiere Christian News, “A new report has revealed a growing number of young people in the US see the Bible as transformative to their lives. Research from the American Bible Society (ABC) reveals more young adults are engaging with scripture and finding it has a transformational influence on them.”

The study included 2,506 young Americans. Of those 2,506, 58% of those said that the “message of the Bible has transformed my life.”

“Our youngest adults show signs of interest in the Bible, curiosity about it, and transformative interaction with it. If this trend continues, we have good reason for hope,” John Farquhar Plake, ABC’s Chief Program Officer, stated.

ABC also looked at the “Moveable Middle,” which is “a group of 65 million American adults who are open to the message of the Bible, curious to know more about what it says, and interested in learning more about Jesus Christ.”

The research found that there are five characteristics of the Moveable Middle. These include ...