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Eric Johnson calls on Texas legislature to pass law forbidding 'golden parachute' rule

Mayor Eric Johnson says the Texas legislature should pass a law forbidding golden parachutes for city employees statewide.

Dallas' mayor is also calling for city council members to agree not to include a golden parachute clause in the next city manager's contract.

This comes as Dallas' outgoing City Manager T.C. Broadnax resigned from his role in February , citing his strained relationship with Johnson. Based on his contract, Broadnax may be eligible to receive more than $400,000 from the city.

"This simply shouldn't have happened this way. At the very least, it shouldn't happen again in Dallas - or anywhere in the state," Johnson said in his weekly email. "The Texas Legislature ought to take the step to protect taxpayers by forbidding these golden parachutes for city employees in any locality in the state. Until then, as the search for a new city manager continues, it's time for the Dallas City Council to take a stand by definitively stating that there won't be a golden parachute clause in ..."