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Liberal churches celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter this year: 'DRAG ME TO CHURCH'

A handful of liberal churches, religious groups and LGBTQ+ organizations are celebrating the fact that Transgender Day of Visibility, recognized each year on March 31, falls on Easter Sunday in 2024.

Easter Sunday, which is not a fixed date, also falls on March 31, marking one of the most important liturgical celebrations as millions of Christians commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Though Transgender Day of Visibility has been celebrated since 2009 on March 31, several liberal religious and non-religious organizations have rejoiced that Easter will fall on the same day. Some churches are superimposing transgender themes on Easter celebrations.

In commentary shared by Rachael Ward, the United Church of Christ’s minister for Gender and Sexuality Justice Ministries, the author declared that "LGBTQ+ people need a resurrection moment where death does not have the word and love transcends hate."

"The resurrection story holds for LGBTQ+ people of faith the ultimate promise and truth: God is constantly coming out for your love and ..."