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University of North Texas: Marxism and Taxpayer-Funded Woke Classes

State taxpayers funded classes at the University of North Texas that pushed intersectionality and feminism. The university also employs a “Marxist Geographer” and a history professor that used a textbook with a bias against former President Donald Trump.

As explored in part one of this series, the Denton-based university has already shown an apparent willingness to reform. Similar efforts displayed at another taxpayer-funded university proves that such changes are possible when enough public pressure is built.

“Marxist Geographer”

Dr. Waquar Ahmed is an associate professor in the University of North Texas’s (UNT) Department of Geography and the Environment. He is also listed in the Women’s & Gender Studies page of UNT’s College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences. “He engages with feminist theories, particularly socialist feminist theories in most of his research (along with Marxist and post-structuralist theories),” that page stated. “He is also the managing editor of the journal Human Geography that theoretically and politically favors feminist and ..."