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Abbott’s School Choice Hopes Alive with 10 House Incumbents Ousted, Sent to Runoffs

With the post-Super Tuesday dust settling, voters must now wait and see how their votes will affect their desired policy changes. School choice was a major sticking point for Republican primary voters in Texas, and the winners could swing education freedom in Texas when the new lawmakers take their seats next year.

During the entire 88th Legislative Session, including the four special sessions that year, school choice legislation hung over members’ heads. The ups, downs, and left turns that characterized the policy fight finally got an answer in November, when an amendment was adopted to strip education savings accounts (ESA) out of the House’s education omnibus bill.

That Raney amendment, named for state Rep. John Raney (R-College Station) who proposed it, was that nail in the coffin.

Raney later announced he would not run for re-election.

Tensions began to boil over once the fourth special session concluded and prominent voices, including Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), publicly made it their mission to ...