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Town Tries to Shut Down Church Meeting in Barn

A New Hampshire pastor is facing daily fines of up to $500 because he is holding prayer meetings and Bible studies in his home. And that home happens to be a barn.

Around a dozen or so Christians meet inside the home of Howard Kaloogian, pastor of Grace New England Church in the town of Weare.

The congregation meets in the largest room of his home – a giant renovated barn.

The pastor has hosted a number of gatherings in the barn — including a meet-and-greet for presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Hundreds of people turned out.

But it’s the church services that has caused angst of town leaders – and specifically, the zoning enforcement official – who happens to be a self-proclaimed atheist.

“He showed up at Kaloogian’s front door and told him he could no longer use any part of his home, including the barn, for ..."