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Dangerous Christian Nationalists?

A new documentary movie by Rob Reiner is now out on the topic of Christian Nationalism. Wikipedia says that Christian Nationalism “primarily focuses on the internal politics of society, such as legislating civil and criminal laws that reflect their view of Christianity and the role of religion/s in political and social life.” It “supports the presence of Christian symbols in the public square, and state patronage for the practice and display of religion, such as Christmas as a national holiday, school prayer….[etc].” Followers assert that “the US is meant to be a Christian nation and want to "take back" the US for God.”

Politico and other secular media make many other false associations and assertions regarding the topic. There are well over 50 books on Christian Nationalism just in the last several years (see here) that try to claim all this activity of Christians in politics is new and dangerous. An earlier post of mine on Dec 14, 2023 listed a few books on the impact of Christianity on history and culture, including ...