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‘UNACCEPTABLE’: Ted Cruz Slams Biden’s Association With Far-Left Group Demonizing Conservatives

Sen. Ted Cruz is raising the alarm about President Joe Biden’s administration partnering with a far-left group demonizing conservatives in its efforts to combat “domestic terrorism.”

“The woke and weaponized bureaucracy of the Biden administration is using the Southern Poverty Law Center’s widely debunked database to target conservatives,” the Texas Republican told The Daily Signal in an exclusive statement.

Cruz was responding to The Daily Signal’s exclusive report that SPLC President Margaret Huang bragged in 2021 that the Biden administration had reached out to her organization in its efforts to combat “the domestic terrorism threat.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center puts mainstream conservative and Christian groups on a “hate map” along with chapters of the Ku Klux Klan. This bias suggests the Biden administration views conservatives as a threat to ...