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Law enforcement, pastors: 'Spiritual battle' being waged at border

What’s happening at the border is a spiritual battle between good and evil, retired Border Patrol agent Frank Lopez Jr., argues.

He and others in law enforcement have combatted crime coming through the border connected to a cartel-connected worship of a “saint of death.”

“We must not lose sight of the spiritual battle at the border,” Lopez, a Republican who’s running for Congress in the 23rd Congressional District, said. “People of faith need to understand what’s happening and get involved politically as much as they can to make a difference.”

Lopez, an ordained minister, served in the military before working as a U.S. Border Patrol agent for 30 years. He was also the first chaplain to serve in Border Patrol.

Ranchers along the southern border are increasingly finding shrines on their properties, as are law enforcement officers raiding stash houses. They have doll-sized skeletons depicting a “Grim Reapress,” which is clothed in a hooded robe, carrying a scythe in one hand and a ...