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Passion 2024: Louie Giglio challenges modern cultural messages with Gospel truths

Louie Giglio tackled common modern societal beliefs — entitlement, self-determination and personal rights — and contrasted them with the transformative message of the Gospel in a message delivered to thousands of young people at Passion 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia.

“My message tonight starts with presuppositions,” the 65-year-old leader of Passion City Church in Atlanta said.

“It's imperative, I think, that that's where we begin because of the conversation that we're in in culture. … Some of the key presuppositions right now in the world we live in are these: Number one, I have rights. Number two, I should get to decide. Number three, I know me best. Number four, I deserve more. Number five, I deserve to be happy. But the Gospel speaks to our presuppositions. … The Gospel actually flies in the face of all the presuppositions we've just named. Because without Christ, we've got a problem. And it is a massive problem. Without Christ, we are separated from God.”

Giglio delved into the core of the Gospel message: God, in His mercy and love, made humanity alive with Christ even when they were dead in their sins. This grace, he said, changes everything, including presuppositions about ...