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Texas Education Agency Releases ‘Disappointing’ Performance Results

A majority of students in Texas government schools continue to perform below grade level, according to the latest data released by the Texas Education Agency.

A new TEA report shows more than half of all students statewide fail to meet grade level standards on the state’s standardized academic achievement tests known as STAAR. One Central Texas mom called the data “disappointing and very concerning.”

Just 49 percent of Texas students met or exceeded grade level across all grades and all subjects during the 2022-23 school year.

Texas mom Tara Petsch, who lives in Fredericksburg, said the new data is “disappointing and very concerning.”

“Only 53 percent of Texas students met grade level standards in reading and only 45 percent in math!” she said.

Petsch is a public school parent, homeschool parent, and the Texas Ambassador for Moms For Liberty.

She told Texas Scorecard parents have been sounding the alarm about ...