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Texas Town Sides With Drag Queens Over Churches in Christmas Parade Fight

A small Texas town took Christ out of Christmas and replaced the newborn king with a bunch of drag queens.

For years the Taylor Area Ministerial Alliance was responsible for organizing the annual Christmas parade. But controversy arose when LGBTQ activists demanded to be allowed to participate.

In 2021 instead of giving attention to Jesus Christ on their float, the activists added drag queens and glorified themselves and sexualized the parade in front of hundreds of families with children, the Christian ministers alleged.

Last year, the controversy became so great that town leaders decided to host a second parade — which then erupted into a national culture war. Click here for my coverage of the incident.

So, in 2023 city council leaders voted overwhelmingly to create a new “event ordinance” that would effectively ban the churches from being a part of future community events.

“This new ordinance, according to Texas Values group, is legally the same Democrat Party ordinance large cities like Houston and Austin use that were heavily influenced by ..."