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Biden just imposed the largest fine ever on a Christian college

In its latest assault on institutions that fail to adhere to its ideological bent, the Biden administration just imposed the largest fine in the history of the U.S. Department of Education on Grand Canyon University (GCU) — a school whose motto is "private, Christian, and affordable." And incredibly, the penalty is 10 times bigger than that levied against schools who covered up some of the worst sex offenders in U.S. history.

By any metric, Phoenix-based GCU is a success story. It has exploded from a tiny school with less than 1,000 students and few course offerings to one of the largest private schools in the country, offering degrees in every conceivable discipline — all without raising tuition on students in over 15 years.  

One would think that such success would earn the praises of the Department of Education, an agency purportedly dedicated to ensuring high quality education for America’s students. Instead, GCU earned itself a target on its own back, courtesy of higher education regulators.  

Once an acolyte of Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Richard Cordray, took power at the department and he and his cronies made it a mission to destroy institutions that ...