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VA Medical Center Orders Bibles Removed From All Missing Man Table Displays

A disturbing story to share with you from Lexington, Kentucky.

The VA Health Care System has ordered staff to remove Bibles from every Missing Man table display. Instead, the Bible will be replaced with a journal filled with blank pages.

The Missing Man displays are meant to honor service members who are either prisoners of war or missing in action. Part of the display has traditionally included a Bible.

“All table displays within VA Lexington Health Care System will contain the following: small table, white tablecloth, single rose, vase, yellow ribbon, slice of lemon, salt, bread plate, glass, candle, empty chair, and a journal,” the healthcare system wrote in a memorandum.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation has been waging a national war against the Holy Bible on military bases and VA hospitals. They allege veterans in Kentucky were triggered by the Good Book.

The MRFF once boasted about having a literal red phone line to the Pentagon during the Obama Administration. Whenever one of their “anonymous” minions got triggered by ...