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Catholic Bishop: Pope Francis Ousted Me Because I Spoke Truth to Power

After the Vatican undertook an investigation of one of the most popular Catholic bishops in America, who is also one of the most outspokenly pro-life bishops, Pope Francis abruptly removed him from his duties over the weekend.

Now, Bishop Joseph Strickland of Texas is speaking out about what happened.

According to a new interview, Strickland said he was sacked because he spoke truth to power.

“I really can’t look to any reason except I’ve threatened some of the powers that be with the truth of the Gospel,” said Strickland. “The only answer I have to that is because forces in the Church right now don’t want the truth of the Gospel. They want it changed. They want it ignored.”

Still, Strickland did not really give a reason why Pope Francis removed him from being a bishop.

Strickland shared that he had been asked to resign on Nov. 9 but that he “couldn’t, of my will, abandon the flock that I’d been given.”

Strickland did not accuse Pope Francis of ...