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1,500 invited delegates from 73 nations gathered in London last week for the ARC (Alliance for Responsible Citizenship) conference, organized by Jordan Peterson. In a sense, it was a healthy counter-response to Klaus Schwab's elitist, leftist World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland. There were more than 90 speakers at ARC. The delegates were primarily from Europe, Australia (10% of the delegates), Canada, and the United States.

The ARC event was not overtly Christian, but it was quite obvious that the crowd was overwhelmingly Christian. One speaker asked how many secularists and atheists were present. About 10 hands went up. Some speakers were boldly Christian. The reference to the “Judeo-Christian” tradition was a constant theme. Even the poet-rapper – whose lyrics were Biblically brilliant – and the artist who spoke were evangelical Christians. Former deputy Prime Minister John Anderson of Australia, who spoke several times, is known for his strong faith.

The audience was made up of many elected officials, top-level business leaders, economists, academics, some clergy, and persons from the media. Likely as many as 40% of the delegates were in their 30s, thus it was highly focused on ...