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School choice hypocrisy: Good for my children, but not yours

As Texas tries to expand education freedom for families in a special legislative session, some of the loudest and more intense opposition to empowering parents comes from those who themselves benefit from school choice.

Contrary to what many have been led to believe, parents of low-income and racial minority students support school choice. Unfortunately, legislators and some parents who have benefited from education options too often oppose providing opportunities the less affluent.

There are five major categories of people working to block school choice for others despite taking advantage of it themselves. First — and the most hypocritical — those who send their own children to private schools as their wealth allows but don’t want others to have that opportunity.

As one example, Texas Democratic state Rep. Gene Wu defended his political work to block school choice despite sending his children to a private school. Mr. Wu asserted on his X account: “See, most Private Schools have strict admissions standards. Both of our kids had to ..."