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The new speaker of the House is in a 'covenant marriage,' a religiously-influenced legal agreement that makes it harder to get a divorce

If the newly-elected speaker of the House wants to get a divorce, he'll have a harder time doing so than most Americans.

That's because Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana , the fourth Republican to be nominated for the position since Kevin McCarthy's ouster three weeks ago, entered into what's known as a "covenant marriage" in 1999.

An evangelical Christian, Johnson is also a long-time opponent of same-sex marriage and has championed a bill similar to Florida's Parental Rights in Education Law — known to critics as "Don't Say Gay."

Under Louisiana state law, couples sign a document in which they agree to seek marital counseling before getting a divvorce. Additionally, couples can only get divorced on a limited set of grounds, including for adultery, if one partner committed a felony or faces imprisonment, or physical or sexual abuse.

In other words, it's not a no-fault divorce, in which couples can easily dissolve their marriage for ...