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FACT CHECK: How Blue Cities and Counties Inflate Red States’ Homicide Rates

During 2019 and 2020, the nation saw a shocking 30% surge in homicide rates, the most substantial single-year increase in more than a century.

This alarming escalation in violence has ignited intense debates and discussions, pushing us to explore the profound and urgent reasons behind this surge in violence.

A recent report by Third Way, a think tank that bills itself as being “center-left,” has generated considerable attention by asserting that red states have had consistently experienced higher homicide rates than blue states over the past two decades.

However, a recently released paper from The Heritage Foundation reveals significant flaws in that argument. The left’s concealed narrative hides the reality of higher homicide rates in Democratic-leaning counties.

Crime Data Should Be Analyzed at Local Level 

Aggregating local crime data to the state level overlooks the crucial fact that law enforcement and prosecutorial practices ...