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Inaugural Katy Pride celebration planned for mid-October in Houston-area suburb

At a time when LGBTQ+ residents of Katy might feel unheard or unwelcome, a newly formed organization wants them to feel valued and supported and has scheduled a series of events to celebrate them.

The public school district serving the burgeoning suburb west of Houston has taken steps in recent years to squash discussions about gender identity and limit information and resources that could be useful to its queer and transgender students. Katy ISD implemented internet filters on its school networks in 2021 that prevented students from accessing websites such as the one for the Trevor Project, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing suicide among LGBTQ+ youth, and district trustees recently adopted a gender fluidity policy that, among other things, prohibits educators from broaching gender identity issues with students and requires them to notify parents or guardians if a student professes to be transgender or asks to use a pronoun that does not align with their gender at birth.

The board members for Katy Pride LGTBQ Inc., which became a registered nonprofit in late June, were among those to speak out against the new policy at Katy ISD school board meetings ...