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It’s Ministry, Not Politics!

One of the great tragedies of the 20th and early 21st centuries is the collapse of a Judeo-Christian consensus in America that has resulted in spiritual, moral, societal and political chaos.  Why has this occurred? (I propose) that far too often, those Christians who felt called to the battle to restore this consensus through the biblical foundations of the church and our culture have looked “in all the wrong places” as to the source of the problem.

Great 20th century theologian and biblical scholar, Dr. Francis Schaeffer, wrote in his last book, “The Great Evangelical Disaster” that:

The Reformation with its emphasis upon the Bible, in all that it teaches, as being the revelation of God, provided a freedom in society and yet a form in society as well.  Those there were freedoms in Reformation countries (such as the world had never known before) without those freedoms leading to chaos - because both laws and morals were surrounded by a consensus resting upon what the Bible taught.”

When seminaries began to teach a “sacred vs. secular” view of church and culture, hence sending generations of pastors into pulpits with blinders on, the enemy has essentially had a field day in destroying the laws and morals of our nation - leading to Drag Queen Story Hour.

Where do we go from here?  Stay tuned to this newsletter, our soon to be launched Podcast “The Christian Citizen” and our pastors who are the bold, brave and blessed in leading the way back to another Reformation!