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Top 3 Abortion Lies in and around the GOP Primary Debate

Democrats have long relied on lies in an effort to push the slaughter of the unborn, but Wednesday night’s GOP primary debate saw even some Republicans muddy the waters. Here are the top three lies told about abortion in and around the debate.

1. “Abortion Is a Losing Issue”

Fox News host and debate moderator Martha MacCallum told candidates, and everyone who was watching the debate, “Abortion has been a losing issue for Republicans since the Dobbs decision.” In an effort to bolster her point, she referred to several recent state referendums on abortion. While the six states MacCallum noted might have voted either to endorse abortion or to kick the can down the road on the question, 25 states — that’s half the country, for those who are counting — have enacted pro-life legislation since the Dobbs decision in order to protect the unborn. Furthermore, every single governor who backed pro-life legislation has maintained his gubernatorial seat — including some, like Florida’s Ron DeSantis (R), Ohio’s Mike DeWine (R), Georgia’s Brian Kemp (R), and Texas’s Greg Abbott (R), who all made significant gains in the 2022 midterm elections after signing ...