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The Role of Worldview in Discipleship

We are living in bizarre times. Even when civil discourse can be found, it seems as if everyone is just talking past each other. Friends and families seem to be willing to burn bridges today that were precious in generations past. So, what lies at the heart of this cultural dissonance? In short, the answer is worldview. The word “worldview” seems pretty straightforward. It’s how one views the world. But how does worldview affect the culture? How does it affect our students and our churches? Is there a relationship between worldview and discipleship? Yes! Not only is there a relationship between worldview and discipleship, but I believe that understanding and shaping worldviews lie at its very core.

The Goal of Discipleship

Let’s start with discipleship. What is the goal of discipleship? What is it that we are aiming for when we are shepherding the souls of our students? Here’s how I answer the question: “The goal of discipleship is to help Christians become more like Christ in their thinking, beliefs, actions, and affections.” This comes from ...