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Lahaina: Pastors Lost Their Home/Church, Barely Got Out Alive. Look At Their Ministry There Now.

The reports from Lahaina, Maui are jolting. The human remains of well over 100 have been recovered. Over 1,000 (maybe as many as 1,300) are still missing, obviously having perished in the fires, in a town of only 13,000. More than 2,200 homes have burned, along with so many businesses.

I want you to hear first-hand from Pastors Kawi & Shalia Keahi, who lead a congregation in Lahaina, and barely got out alive. They lost their home and their church building. But they set up a tent and had worship services on Sunday, August 20 with 200 persons present. And then I want you to be encouraged when you hear from Pastor Shannon Marocco regarding the “unfoldable houses” that are being flow in from Hungary.

Then listen to Pastor/Chaplain Kaatee Bailey as she shares ...