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The Gruesome Premise of a Washington Post Feature

A new Washington Post feature attempts to make a teen couple who had twins after Texas’ heartbeat law went into effect into Dickensian characters, victims of the cruel laws around them.

Mom Brooke High, we learn, watched the entire 10 seasons of “Friends” after the family moved to Tampa, Florida, for a military job for dad Billy High. She felt “comforted by the voices of characters she felt like she knew in a city where she knew almost no one,” according to the piece.

“Her life quickly started to feel like an endless cycle of tasks, entirely predictable and stretching out into infinity. Cook lunch. Clean up. Play with the girls. Put the girls down for a nap. Change diapers. Cook dinner. Clean up. Repeat,” writes Washington Post reporter Caroline Kitchener, noting that Brooke dropped out of a real estate school when she was pregnant ...