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Speakers At Little-Noticed Biden Admin Webinar Urged Teachers To Avoid Using ‘Girl’ And ‘Boy’ To Refer To Students

A teacher and a school principal at a Department of Education (DOE) webinar encouraged teachers to use gender-neutral language when referring to students and to don Pride gear at school in an effort to support LGBT individuals.

The DOE held a presentation, titled “Creating Inclusive and Nondiscriminatory School Environments for LGBTQI+ Students,” on June 21, which included a panel made up of teachers from across the country discussing how to make their classrooms a more “inclusive” environment for LGBTQ students, according to a video taken by Higher Ground, a parental rights group, and provided to the DCNF. Teachers on the panel advised educators to avoid using terms such as “girls and boys” because students might feel as if they “aren’t being seen” if gendered language is used. (RELATED: ‘I Just Started Estrogen’: Little-Noticed Biden Admin Webinar Featured Trans Eighth Grader, LGBTQ Student Activists)

“I encourage educators to kind of move away from using expressions that maybe they’ve grown up with like ‘boys and girls’ or ..."