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Democratic Witness Refuses Five Straight Chances to Answer If There’s a Difference Between Men and Women Before Congress

Human Rights Campaign President Kelley Robinson refused five opportunities to answer if there were differences between men and women offered to her by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) during a Senate hearing on Wednesday.

Cruz began by asking if Robinson agreed with activist Riley Gaines’s assertion that “there’s a difference between women and men,” to which she replied “If the question is about trans women-” before being interrupted by Cruz. The conversation continued:

"CRUZ: I’m just asking is there a difference between women and men?

ROBINSON: I mean, what I can say here is the NCAA has rules in place, they’ve had rules in place for the last decade, and when this competition [CROSSTALK] the rules were clear.

CRUZ: Okay, I’m gonna try again. Do you believe there’s a difference between women and men? It’s a yes-no question, do you believe there’s a difference?

ROBINSON: I think that we’re talking about this case with the NCAA- "