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Lina Hidalgo says her 'F-word' comment about DA Ogg wouldn't have drawn attention if she were a man

After years of public feuding with the region's top prosecutor, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo derided her colleagues in a profanity-laced, on-the-record statement Tuesday about their loyalty to District Attorney Kim Ogg.

The moment during the formal meeting came after Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia suggested reaching out to the sheriff’s office and the district attorney’s office about a program aimed at reducing violence by partnering mentors with at-risk youth.

Hidalgo pushed back against the idea, explaining it would risk getting the mentors labeled as snitches and would undermine their work.

“If my colleagues want to put this in the district attorney’s or the sheriff’s office, then we are going to take a vote and be on the record about who wants it to go where,” she said. “So that I can explain to my community what else we’re doing, because some of us are wrapped around the little finger of a woman who, I don’t know what the f--- she’s threatening you with ..."