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Republicans Make Life a ‘States’ Issue’ at Their Peril

There’s a reason men like Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) are so popular: they lead without apology. After years of timidity from the Republican Party, they've been a refreshing change from the hand-wringing GOP who wilted under cultural pressure. For a while, it looked like Republicans had really leaned into this warrior mentality, refusing to be intimidated in the toughest of debates. Then Dobbs happened — and the old reflex of cowardice is back, threatening to undo every pro-life stand the party has ever taken.

If voters can smell fear, then Republicans stink. Doubt and hesitation have crept into the camp, prompting key leaders to step back from an issue that’s defined them for four decades: abortion. Almost a year into their mangled messaging, the GOP still hasn’t found the spine to ...