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'State-sanctioned molestation' has been the goal all along

In recent years, especially with Joe Biden leading the push for LGBTQ+ acceptance in every facet of American life, a new group of sexual deviants is on the brink of being added to the prioritized and protected class.

Last year, Turning Point USA noted that professionals like Miranda Galbreath, a licensed counselor at the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, are trying to convince people that the word "pedophile" is incriminatory and unkind. Instead, the acronym "M.A.P.s" is encouraged.

The Left has already been allowed to replace the term "homosexual" with "gay," giving the lifestyle a cheerful and carefree connotation. Instead of accurately labeling themselves as "abortion-only" or "anti-life," they call themselves "pro-choice" and negatively paint the pro-life opposition as "anti-abortion." Ignoring the irreversible mutilation patients undergo when attempting the scientific impossibility of becoming the opposite sex, transgender procedures are positively classified as "gender-affirming care."

And now they are attempting to remove the stigma from child molestation by referring to pedophiles as "minor attracted persons."

Assisted by UNAIDS and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for ...