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Judge Forces USA Powerlifting to Let Biological Men Compete Against Women

A state court judge has ruled that USA Powerlifting discriminated against a biological male athlete who identifies as a woman when it banned him from competing in its women’s division. USA Powerlifting must now let JayCee Cooper and other male athletes who identify as “transgender” compete in the division, regardless of whether they have been on puberty blockers or other medications associated with a so-called transition.

The ruling, released Feb. 27, mandated that USA Powerlifting “cease and desist from all unfair discriminatory practices” and revise its sexual orientation and gender identity policy within two weeks. This ruling is disappointing on many levels for female athletes who wish to compete in fair athletic events at any level in Minnesota. It’s also demonstrative of a growing trend in sports nationwide.

The ruling is clear and states:

In this case, however, there is but a single reason USAPL prohibited Cooper from competing in the female category. That reason is based entirely on protected status. The only reason USAPL offered, the only reason stated in its policy, and the only reason the record supports, is Cooper’s protected status. Cooper was discriminated against because of her sexual orientation and because of her sex. We know that because the only basis for the decision in USAPL’s policy is ...