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Biblical worldview 'much closer to extinction' after COVID-19 lockdowns: survey

The vast majority of Americans — 96 percent — do not hold to a biblical worldview following the COVID-19 lockdowns, according to a new survey.

Calling it a “significant change” in Americans’ worldview, the Cultural Research Center of Arizona Christian University led by researcher George Barna found in its survey that the lockdowns impacted the already-dwindling number of people who claim to hold a biblical worldview.

In what Barna called the first national study of its kind, the incidence of biblical worldview declined to a mere 4%, down one-third from the 6% recorded just months before the pandemic lockdowns started in March 2020. 

“Americans tinkered with many things during the three lockdown years — from home-improvement projects to baking sourdough bread — but improving their worldview apparently was not one of them,” Barna wrote.

A biblical worldview, the survey said, is one in which the entirety of a person’s “ideas about all dimensions of life and eternity are based on biblical principles and commands.”

The data — which was part of a survey that began in 2020 known as ...