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Pagan Statue Erected on New York City Courthouse

As God is continuously removed from every aspect and corner of American society, paganism and dark spirits are taking His place.

It seems New York City is leading the charge in visible representations of pagan gods and goddesses.

Once home to the Arch of Palmyra, an arch worshippers of Baal would have to pass under to enter and exit the temple of Baal, New York City has a new goddess on display.

A golden statue of a vaguely human female was erected in honor of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg and honors those who fight for abortions.

As reported by The Blaze, the creation is "an eight-foot sculpture of a horned female fused to a lotus flower with what appear to be tentacles has been erected above a state courthouse in New York City. The statue joins nine others portraying historical lawgivers, each representing the world's purportedly great legal systems."

The golden calf seems tame compared to what modern society is creating these days.

The designer responsible for the statue, 53-year-old Pakistani-American Shahzia Sikander entitled the piece, "Now," believing it is a valid representation of ...